Hidden Figures
3.5 Waffles!

Hidden Figures is another movie that sadly reminds us how the world used to be, but inspires you to see greatness emerge despite the unfairness of the system.

In this true story, Taraji P. Henson stars as Katherine Johnson – a brilliant mathematician working for NASA in the early 1960’s. The space race is on, and the Soviets are winning, which is impacting the mood of the country and inspiring fear in all levels of society as Americans worry about our enemies winning a tactical advantage over us.

Johnson is great friends with her co-workers, Mary Jackson (Janelle Monae) and Dorothy Vaughan (Octavia Spencer), but all three face obstacles to their advancement because they are African-American. However, each one is determined to find a way to overcome, and will inspire you with their determination.

Hidden Figures is a feel good movie through and through because we painfully are aware of how many Katherine Johnsons, Mary Jacksons and Dorothy Vaughans weren’t able to fulfill their potentials, and how many could in the future because of these three amazing women blazing a trail.

Henson, Spencer and Monae bring to life the ladies’ spirit and individual personalities to show us they are heroes. I believe you will love Henson the best.

Anyone familiar with her work knows Henson is a top notch, versatile actress, and anyone who only knows her as Cookie on Empire will be shocked at how she transforms from tough and dangerous to mousy, naïve and sheltered.

Part of the inspiration in Hidden Figures is how Henson shows us Katherine’s transformation and growing confidence as those around her start to embrace her clear brilliance and value to the program, or learn she can be a lion fighting for what is right when she is wronged.

Does Hidden Figures somewhat dodge the seriousness of the racism these women face, or does it use humor to lure in audience members who would be resistant to considering it? It’s a debate to be had for others. For me, Hidden Figures is an entertaining movie with a serious message and fantastic inspiration.

Hidden Figures is rated PG for thematic elements and some language.

125 Minutes