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© 2015 - Relativity
"It's not the movie for those who engage in the culture wars, but everyday people will see it for what it really is."

© 2015 - Open Road

© 2015 - Paramount
"This is why we need to bring back Star Trek. If you ever watched the show, you would know you can’t go messing around with the past!"

© 2013 - Tribune
"Check out my ghost adventure at The National Building Museum."

Jesse Eisenberg does a magic trick for Willie Waffle, and talks about his career.

Stephenie Meyer reveals her next book to me in this interview.

Will Ferrell and Zach Galifianakis mock the Waffle name

Willie Waffle with Ice Cube

See my interview with 21 Jump Street's Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill

The Angelina Jolie Interview

© 2009 - Tribune Company
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© 2015 - Disney

Still In Theaters

© 2015 - Lionsgate
"It's all about the moustache."

© 2015 - Universal
"J. Lo gets her groove back!"

© 2015 - Warner Brothers
"American Sniper is the movie about heroes in our military that should be made more often."

© 2015 - SONY
"If your children recognize star Josh Gad as the voice of Olaf from Frozen, FOR GOD’S SAKE DO NOT LET THEM SEE THE WEDDING RINGER!!!!!"

© 2015 - SONY Pictures Classics

© 2015 - Fox
"Don’t worry about seeing the first two Taken movies. They really don’t have much impact on this one, other than to make you realize they were so much better."

© 2014 - Warner Brothers
"Inherent Vice plays out like a psychedelic trip in Doc’s head, which doesn’t help the audience members who are staying off drugs while watching the movie."

© 2015 - Relativity
"The title is more intimidating than the movie."

© 2014 - Universal
"A triumphant, heartwrenching movie that is perfect for the holiday season."

© 2014 - SONY
"A great reminder why we should never go to war over a Seth Rogen movie."

© 2014 - Disney
"An amazing, fun, fantastic, hilarious movie … for the first two-thirds of the film."

© 2014 - SONY
"Poor Foxx and Wallis are left dragging around this dead carcass of a movie for almost two hours."

© 2014 - FOX
"The antidote for too much smiling and happiness during the holiday season."

© 2014 - New Line
"Bilbo Baggins has a sword, and he knows how to swing it!"

© 2014 - Fox Searchlight
"If it wasn’t for Reese Witherspoon, Wild could be a great way to help you cure insomnia."

© 2014 - Focus
"The adult, classy version of The Fault In Our Stars."

© 2014 - SONY Pictures Classics
"A moody piece without enough mood."

© 2008 - C-Span
"Check out my appearance on C-Span's Washington Journal. On their page, select Windows Media Player or Flash Video to watch it."

© 2008 WaffleMovies.com
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